At Nizmara Consulting & Executive Search, we are a new-gen recruitment consulting firm specializing in mid and senior-level candidate selection and placement services. We focus on industries requiring sector-specific expertise, including Technology, Financial Services, Insurance and Banking, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Engineering, and Construction. Our mission is to help companies find the best talent they need to succeed.

Founded by a team of consultants with over 15 years of industry experience, we are capable of serving clients of all sizes across Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East. With a global network spanning Istanbul, New York, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Dubai, and Riyadh, we connect visionary companies with exceptional leadership talent. Our technological infrastructure, resources, and specialized professional business model are our greatest strengths. We meet recruitment needs by creating targeted added value, complying with local regulations, and maintaining high ethical standards.

At Nizmara, we strive to ensure that the candidates we bring into your company add value to both your business results and company culture. Our end-to-end professional process management includes identifying the right candidate profile, candidate search and selection, alignment of candidate and employer expectations, technical expertise evaluation, and proper offer management. We are committed to supporting you at every stage of the recruitment process, ensuring that the candidates we place not only meet your needs but also enhance your brand values.

Identify the HR Requirement

Understand business needs and define the ideal candidate profile with a thorough analysis of required skills, experience, and cultural fit.

Search and Selection

Utilize advanced search techniques and a vast network to identify and evaluate potential candidates. Ensure comprehensive screening to select the best fit for your organization.

Alignment and Placement

Align candidate and employer expectations, facilitate the interview process, and manage the offer stage for a seamless placement that adds value to your business.


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Elif Tavşancıl

Elif, with 17 years of corporate life and recruitment experience, is one of the leading recruitment and executive search consultants in Turkey. She supports clients in various sectors including banking, fintech, private equity, venture capital, M&A boutiques, insurance, financial leasing, asset management, portfolio management, consumer finance, startups, liaison offices, and holdings. This includes recruitment from scratch for bank establishments both domestically and internationally.

Giray Keskin

Giray, with approximately 15 years of professional work experience, has gained expertise in various layers of the technology world including software, hardware, consulting, and services. He has achieved many successes in mid to senior-level recruitment projects across various verticals such as IT, telecommunications, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, insurance, and healthcare. In addition to technical and commercial roles, he provides executive search services across all sectors.

Bengü Akyürek

Bengü Akyürek, a distinguished professional with over 15 years of experience in the finance sector, has played a significant role at TSKB, a leader in Development and Investment Banking and Consulting Services. She has held key positions in shaping the institution's human resources structure, including managing all aspects of the annual recruitment planning.

Tayfun Hekimoglu

Tayfun, with over 12 years of experience, has significantly contributed to the profitability and revenue growth of the institutions he has worked for through roles in project management, quality management, strategic resource planning, procurement, and operations management in leading firms within the healthcare and life sciences sectors in Turkey and the USA. His expertise spans various layers of the healthcare sector, providing him with in-depth knowledge of both local and global market trends.

Yiğit Kalafatoğlu

Yiğit Kalafatoğlu, known for his remarkable work as a marketing director at Turkey's leading retail and e-commerce companies, supports marketing roles with his extensive experience of over 15 years.

Murat Burhanoğlu

Murat Burhanoğlu, who has been leading pioneering technology companies from Turkey to the global stage for over 15 years, has achieved significant successes in product development and market entry of new products. He has extensive experience in every step of digital transformation, from ideation to implementation, for dozens of companies across various sectors such as finance, insurance, retail, and aviation in Europe and the Middle East.

Özgür Çolak

Özgür Çolak, experienced professional with approximately 20 years in Sales, Business Development, and Project Leadership across FMCG, startups, and diverse industries. Proven track record in driving strategic initiatives for market growth, revenue enhancement, and operational efficiency. Skilled in high-value contract negotiations, go-to-market strategy development, and P&L optimization. Effective leader of cross-functional teams, dedicated to fostering collaboration and achieving organizational goals.

Ufuk Eren

Ufuk Eren, with over 35 years of experience in the healthcare and life sciences sectors, brings a wealth of expertise to the Nizmara team. Throughout his career, he has held numerous senior leadership positions in the healthcare industry and is widely respected as a thought leader in this field.

Mehmet Sinan Erisen

Mehmet Erisen, with 23 years of comprehensive achievements in financial services, IT consulting, and management consulting, has proven successes in business transformation, IT, technology environments, and operations by leveraging business and technology expertise gathered from different countries, cultures, and multinational companies. He holds an MBA/BS degree in Business Administration and is known for applying best practices and new technology trends.

İsmet Gencer

Ismet Gencer, with approximately 45 years of experience in various managerial and senior commercial roles at Alarko Holding and its subsidiaries, provides consultancy in the energy and engineering fields and offers solution support for large-scale projects. With his technical expertise in climate control, the aviation industry, and energy, he is one of the leading figures in the sector.

Murat Saray

Murat Saray is a distinguished expert with an outstanding track record of providing customized consulting services. He specializes in transformation management, debt/equity financing, financial modeling, portfolio management, hedging solutions, and fundraising for ventures and funds. With notable leadership skills, Murat has taken on interim CEO and CFO roles in various prominent companies.

Selim Yuna

Selim Yuna is a highly experienced professional with over 25 years of experience in audit, corporate finance, strategy, business development, financial and general management. He has worked in various sectors including electronics, home appliances, energy, telecommunications, real estate, chemicals, entertainment, hospitality, and food and beverage. With a management background in accounting, finance, budgeting, procurement, HR, strategy, and business development departments, Selim supports businesses in growing, increasing profitability, and boosting revenues.

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